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Career Success Builder

Go to new heights in your company or organization

Your work should work for you – you want to be successful at work, to grow in your career, do work that matters and be paid well for it. But there are so many pitfalls and ways your career can get off track (or never on the right track to start). Whether you’re starting out and looking for direction, or at the top and wondering what’s next, or stuck somewhere along the way, come get the essential concepts, skills and tools you need to put your career, your fulfillment and your income on fast-forward!



To grow your career, you must grow your #1 asset - yourself. We will provide you tools to manage yourself to perform at your highest levels, even when you're pressured, challenged or stressed. And enable you to access the part of you who knows what to do, even when you think you don't.


Investing in, managing and strengthening your relationships is key to career success. Being a valued professional with the ability to influence others is a must. We will provide you with strategies  that will enable you to get access, get heard, productively handle differences of opinion during decision-making, and get past "No." You will also come away with know-how to demonstrate your presence and credibility, and to show that you're the kind of person people want to do business with.

Come and learn the

4 Key Elements of Career Success.

Gain the knowledge and skills to ace your next project, land your next customer, enhance your credibility and relationships in your organization, and so much more, while  deepening your career satisfaction. In this course, you'll learn knowledge and practical tools to manage your:

Coming Fall 2021

  • Session links will be emailed prior to each session

  • Each session will include links to tools and templates

  • Sessions will be recorded if you can't make the live session 


How do you grow your career? There's a great one-word answer to that. Value. First, you will get very clear on what you value, so you can craft your purpose and use it as a compass to get and stay on track - your track. Next, we will assist you with deepening your own knowledge of the value you bring to your organization and your customers, whether external or internal, so you can plan ways to enhance it and to make it more visible. Additionally, we will help you get very intentional about bringing specific and planned value to every interaction, project, and pursuit, which will enhance your "brand" and build your credibility.


Success in your career requires you ensure you are investing your time rather than spending your time. That way, you will always get a meaningful return that will help you move the needle forward on your career growth and success. You will determine your priorities, map them to your values and purpose, and be introduced to a method for planning, reviewing and tracking so that building your career isn't a matter of chance, but of thoughtful attention and action.

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