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"Working with Mim has transformed my career through clear and carefully curated tools that have improved not only my communication skills, but have enhanced my ability to anticipate and successfully navigate the behaviors and needs of others. With this knowledge, I've become a better team player, a more valued asset by my company, and overall, a better member of society. Understanding how we relate and work with others is the key to unlocking boundless success. And time and time again, working with Mim yields tangible results."

Jessica Tsuruda

Enterprise Account Manager,

Verizon Media Digital Services

"In all my years in talent advisory & development, Mim is the most influential facilitator and coach I’ve come across. She will always deliver an extremely effective experience for the audience. The comfort and ease in her style of instruction is incredibly impactful, and it shows in the results people achieve. It’s truly what separates Mim from most in her field."

Clint Fairweather

Consultant & Former Division VP, Global Sales Talent

FIS Global



At Soul of Success, we are passionate about helping each and every person realize the success they have in mind (or that they're not yet clear on!). We developed the Soul of Success Path to help people do just that, and all of our courses and coaching are all about helping you to take big steps on that path so you can realize your full success - in every area of your life! Read more about the SOS Path by clicking here:

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Career Success Builder

Go to new heights in your company or organization

Wherever you are in your career, you don’t want to stop there – you want to grow and succeed. You want to fulfill your purpose and potential. If you’re ready for the next big thing and want to know how, come get the essential concepts, skills and tools you need to put your career, your income and your fulfillment on fast-forward.


"It is with the utmost excitement that I share my recommendation of Mim Abbey.  I have had the opportunity to work with her on two separate occasions in a professional setting and in both she has surpassed my expectations.


Specifically, I hired Mim to engage and share insights with our most critical customers at a National training.  To say this was an important decision to bring in an external advisor is an understatement.  This was THE most important decision and Mim was the highlight of our weekend.  She customized her approach to the audience, presented in a way that engaged the entire group and was flexible as we needed to adjust the time allocated for her training. Mim is one of the few people I know who can actively listen and take the insights gathered to immediate course correct.  In this she leads with authenticity, positive energy and a contagious personality!

I plan to work with Mim as often as able as her value is immediately felt!"

Anna Phelps

Regional Sales Director, Biogen
Former National Thought Leader Director, Eli Lilly and Company


Launch your new business, or take your current business to new levels 




How to thrive right now, develop the best you, navigate through challenges and live the life you want

Enjoying Outdoor



Take your relationships to a whole new level of satisfaction and success



Go to new heights

in your company or organization


How to be the leader your team needs



Talk to us about tailoring any of our content and customizing it for your event!


Together at the Top


There’s no better way to accelerate your growth and success than one-on-one coaching. Our coaching enables you to focus directly on your specific goals and situation and gives you the knowledge and tools you need plus a customized game plan to get traction and see results. 

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You need a speaker for your next event. You want someone who will engage, stimulate, educate and inspire your group. We have given successful keynote and breakout session addresses at conferences and events across industries. Let us know what you need!

Ask us how the Soul of Success Path can help your team!

"Mim is the type of coach that captivates the room and keeps everyone engaged and excited to learn more. Thank you for sharing your teachings and technique to help others improve life, be fulfilled and successful."

Christina Hoang

Technical Program Manager,

Verizon Media



At Soul of Success, we are committed to helping each and every person realize the success they have in mind (or that they're not yet clear on!). It's what gets us up in the morning. So, what is success, anyway? It’s anything but the tired and tarnished old way a lot of people see it – all about “getting ahead,” at the expense of others, and making it all about the money.


If you were drawn to read this paragraph right now, it’s likely you think along the lines that we do about success: that your success is the TRUE YOU – not the you that others (or you) think you should be, but the authentic, “meant-to-be” you – living, working and loving at your very highest levels – and experiencing all of the personal, professional and financial rewards that come with it. Truly, this is success with soul. And when you’re doing it – you inspire others to do the same. Talk about a win-win!


We have spent years helping people in corporations all over the world achieve success, and we have are passionate about being sure that everyone gets access to life and career-changing content, whether they're in a big company or not. There is a path to success and we are experts at helping people get on it, stay on it, and make big moves forward on it. The path is simple, yet profoundly powerful. It requires commitment, yet both the journey and the destination are worth it. And while everyone climbs that path in their own unique way, it always includes a call to: 

THRIVE: Build Your Foundation - Take care of and enjoy the greatest asset you've been given - you.

CONNECT: Connect With Others - Develop meaningful relationships one interaction at a time.

ACHIEVE: Fulfill Your Purpose - You're here to do something that matters. Find out what it is, then do it.

...and do it all as the authentic, TRUE YOU

We call it the SOS Path, and wherever you are in your life, career and relationships, all of our courses, coaching, and speaking are about helping you discover and implement another step of that path, so that you can create and reach YOUR fully realized success – in every area of your life.

Here's to your success!


Meet your coaches along your Path:


Mim Abbey


Mim is an established leader in the fields of both professional and personal development. With more than 20 years of experience helping people and companies become more effective and reach their personal, professional, strategic and relationship goals, Mim brings an unmatched depth of expertise that combines with her authentic approach and dynamic delivery to equip people with the tools they need. As a result of Mim’s speaking, workshops, coaching or virtual work, people and teams are ready to take their next steps plus maintain the necessary momentum to achieve and exceed their targets. Mim’s expertise has helped grow Fortune 500 companies across the globe, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North, Central and South America. Mim is an experienced event presenter for global corporate events and conferences, a contributor to major publications such as the Huffington Post, and has appeared on local news and the Hallmark Channel Morning Show. Mim works with individuals, teams and leaders in such organizations as Microsoft, Yahoo, Cisco, Bloomberg, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, KKR, JPMorgan Chase, Tiffany & Co, NBCUniversal, Huffington Post, Metlife, Estee Lauder, Raytheon and Fidelity Investments.


Melissa Grey Satterfield

Senior Partner

Melissa is a recognized leader in the professional development industry, with more than 20 years of experience in helping companies develop their talent. Melissa brings passion and dynamic presentation skills to her speaking, workshops, coaching, and virtual facilitation. Her invaluable experience has helped to develop Fortune 500 companies around the world, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Melissa is an experienced event presenter. She’s been welcomed at ATD’s TechKnowledge conference and at the Learning Guild’s DevLearn and Learning Solutions conferences. She has also written and contributed to many highly regarded industry articles. Melissa is also an established expert in the beauty industry, having been in leadership for several well-known beauty brands. Her expertise is this arena, coupled with her passion and depth of knowledge in the health and wellness arena, fuel her passion to bring not just professional, but personal life success strategies to her clients.

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Business Conference
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"'Public speaking' - those two words alone previously triggered an avalanche of nervousness in me.  I practiced, I prepared, I knew the material, but the anxiety of presenting often overpowered my knowledge on the subject as well as the message I had intended to deliver.

A year or so ago, I was able to participate in Mim's program.  It was a very reflective process for me - recognizing the structure of a persuasive pitch/proposal and matching that with improvements in my own presenting style have elevated my overall confidence when presenting in front of a couple of people, or, a couple hundred colleagues.  From preparing to presenting, Mim's program provided a ton of 'hacks' to help me effectively deliver to my audience.

When preparing for a presentation, I still use the frameworks in Mim's worksheets to ensure my message is clear, concise and lands with the audience." 

Manager of Platform Operations at a Major Media Company

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